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Showing posts from February, 2014
We have been together longer than we have been married. This is old fashioned, but hardly intentional. It is a good thing. Revealment, discovery, understanding, victories, losses. And my god how we have been tested! No chance for smooth sailing for us ever, because we seem to attract adversity. But we are and will be in love and happy forever.

My week in review:

Learned: The Italian word for lazy: Pigro  Saw: 5 beautiful eagles  Reading: Jaws by Peter Benchley  Liked: Watching the Olympics with my family.  Disliked: The horrible drivers who oddly enough were all in pick-ups!  Found: A paperback copy of ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’  Skipped: Dessert  Watched: Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock  Listened to: Broken Bells- After the Disco  Sold: Look Again, by Richard Browner, Illustrated by Emma Landau and a Vintage Taylor & Ng Kitty-Katfish Cat Trivet by Win Ng  Working on: My postcard prompt

Pardon my dust...

I seemed to have forgotten all about this little spot. Life became too hectic, or too calm? No, the former. All of a sudden I realized I needed a place to be again. So here I am.